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_Click Here to Download the Instructions! 1)With the trunk open mark the trunk lid at the top of the stock brackets by either scratching the paint or using a colored marker.

2)Lay towels along the side of your car, and with a friend remove the trunk lid by unbolting the stock 4 bolts (Hondas 10mm other cars may be different). Do not remove the stock brackets, only the trunk lid. Either cut or disassemble the zipties for the cables on the side of the hinge to fully remove the trunk.

3)With the lid off of the stock hinges, lay the new hinge on the lid for marking. The new hinge should be flat side down, with the circular part of the new hinge facing you, not the lid. Line up the top of the lower bracket to the marked line on the lid. Flatten the hinge on the lid and mark the lid for drilling. Using the screws that came with the brackets, attach hinge to the trunk lid by hand, not a drill. Repeat this step with the other side. Once both hinges are on, you are ready to reattach the trunk lid.

4)With help, lift the trunk lid to stock brackets. With the lid flipped down like it will be when you’re finished, line up the new hinge on the stock hinge for marking. Mark the holes on the stock hinges to pre-drill your new holes. Put lid back on the floor, and drill out the holes. When the new holes are drilled, attach new hinges to the stock ones using the screws. As said before, screw in the screws by hand, not a drill. Once all screws are in place, the trunk lid should be in the flipped down position. The lid should rest on the car in a flattened position. If it is flipped down too much, you may need to bend the upper hinge down to allow the lid to rest against the car.

5)Lift lid to the stock normal position and reattach stock bolts to hold lid up. Connect the first latch about 2 inches from the bottom of the trunk lid. Repeat for the other side. Be sure they are mounted on the inside of the stock brackets, and are flat and not angled up or down.

6)Mark a spot on the stock brackets to drill to allow the latch to lock. Be sure the latch will lock tightly and there is no play. Repeat on the other side.

7)If it doesn’t latch tightly you may have to take in and out the stock bottom bolts each time you want to fold down your trunk lid. (This may work better if your not going to fold it down all the time).

thank you sean for the instructions


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