.Project Civic Dx Hybrid- B18B1 Rebuild / Swap.
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This Swap will be performed in a 5th Gen 95 Civic DX coupe.

After doing alot of research and choosing which engine would best suite my car i finally came to a decision. I was highly interested in adding a turbo onto the engine i choose. After researching the B series motors, i also looked into the Sohc Vtec motors as well. I originally was focusing on the b18c (GSR) engine. Which would be a relatively easy swap that would supply me with the power i was looking for, it also was a turbo freindly motor. Then as i dug even further into my research i stumbled upon the b18b1 (LS motor). The slight disadvantage of this motor was there is no vtec and it's not quite as rev happy as a GSR would be. But on the other hand this block can handle a turbo much better then the GSR block could. So now i finally came to the conclusion what motor i wanted. I was set on getting the B18B1 LS Engine. I obtained the motor from a 95 Acura Integra with approximatly 110k miles. Which wasn't a issue since the motor is getting a complete rebuild.

Below is a picture of the Motor in the condition we got it in from the car. The integra had been sitting for quite some time allowing corrosion to start building up along the engine. I carefully removed the wiring harness from the car as well. As you can see in the image the engine looked like it was in bad shape.

The next step i took was to start stripping down the block and get it prepared for a nice cleaning. Starting with the intake manifold i unhooked the wiring harness from the fuel injectors. Then removed the bolts that held the intake manifold onto the cylinder head. After removing all gas lines, radiator hoses, etc. It was time to break the manifold loose from the head. Depending on the condition of your motor your intake might slide right off. But mine was stuck to the head, so i used a Rubber hammer to slightly tap on the intake near the studs on the head. As the manifold came loose i used a flat head screw driver and free'd up the gasket the rest of the way around, and slid the manifold off.

Now it was time to take those rusty old headers off. Remove the Exhaust Manifold Heat Sheild. It is held on by 3 twelve milimeter bolts. After removing the cover proceed to take off the nuts holding the header to the cylinder head. Again depending on the condition of your motor you might want to spray down the nuts with some WD-40 Prior to taking them off, and take a wire brush to clean any rust particles off to avoid stripping the nut. Once you remove all the nuts on the header Slide it off the block. Now i went ahead and removed the altenator as well.

As you can see the block is finally starting to look in better shape then it did with all the clutter on it. After all those steps I removed the rest of the wiring harness that was connected to the engine. It's pretty much straight forward how to disconnect the wire clips on the harness. As a suggestion it might be a good idea to spray some lubricant on the connectors to make them easier to unplug. Here is what i am left with after those steps.

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Project Civic DX Hybrid

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