.Project Civic Dx Hybrid- B18B1 Rebuild / Swap.
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This Swap is being performed in a 5th Gen 95 Civic DX coupe.

As a recap of page three, we completely disasembled the engine block, then worked on cleaning the block up. Now we will be working on cleaning the other side of the block and getting the engine ready for porting / polishing.

The first thing you should do is inspect your block. Check for any metal burs, and then look down into the ports in the block. If anything looks as though it could slow or restrict the flow of fluids then mark it. For this procedure i used a Magic marker. The reason it's a good idea to mark the area that is restricting the flow is because as you shave away at the block you need to know exactly how much you want taken off. With the marker on it you normally will not make a mistake. So take a marker and inspect your block and start marking away!

After checking all of my ports i took a few close up shots. So you can see exactly what type of restrictions that i am talking about. If you have any questions on this part feel free to drop me a email info@bulletmotorsports.net

Now that you have marked all of your holes, It's time to get out your rotory tool with the wire attachment so you can get down in tight places. Unfortunatly My tool crapped out on me the other day, so i will not be able to do this portion of the block tonight. It will be updated as soon as i get my new rotory tool.

Since i was delayed from doing the Porting on the block i have decided to work more on getting the outside of the block clean. Here is a few pictures of just the block now. It is starting to look like it wasn't left sitting out in the rain.

I'll be updating this section frequently. The next update will include block porting procedures, And the start of the engine Rebuild and honing the cylinders. Remeber to Spray down your engine parts with a lubricant after getting them wet when washing or be sure to blow them down with a aircompressor to get rid of all the water. You don't want rust forming.

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Project Civic DX Hybrid

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