.Project Civic Dx Hybrid- B18B1 Rebuild / Swap.

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This Swap is being performed in a 5th Gen 95 Civic DX coupe.
We are also doing the same swap to a 5th Gen 93 Civic EX Coupe.

As a recap of page five, we ported some of the block. Then we painted the valve covers and showed you our turbo setups.

We will be filling in the Body lines / Modling on the side of the civic. I reccomend using Duraglass as the main filling compound. Then go over the duraglass with bondo or a similar body filler. The reason of using to body fillers is Duraglass is extremely strong. It can with stand some impact such as doors slamming. But it's very tuff to work with. There is 2 ways of removing the body molding on the 92-95 civics. The right way and the wrong way. I choose to take my molding off the right way on the first attempt. Then soon after realizing it was a pain in the butt and thought about how i wouldn't be using the molding anymore, i ended up doing it the wrong way. And let me tell you it is MUCH easier doing it the wrong way. I'll explain both ways below so you can choose for yourself which way you want to go.

The Correct way to remove the Molding:
Remove your window crank, then take the door panel off, unscrew the speaker, cut through the plastic that seals the door from the window area. Reach your arm into the door and squeeze the little plastic clips with a set of needlenose plyers. I'll warn you now. It's a pain in the ass. AND YOU WILL NOT BE reusing the molding anyhow so why waste your time?

The Wrong but fast way to remove the molding
Take a flat head screw driver and pry under the molding, once it prys up pull on it. Don't be scared to breka the plastic clips or to bend the molding. (remeber you are NOT using it again!) So tear it out, try and make sure the plastic clips don't fall back into the door so remove them each individually by holding them with a flat head or needlenose plyers.

TO BE CONTINUED. Sorry for no pics. I forgot the disk in the shop. Also i have been Video'ing alot of the work we do. If your interested in seeing the two civics we are using for this section check out this video below. Civic Intro Video

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Project Civic DX Hybrid

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